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Town Hall to Discuss Proposed Communications Facility Lease

posted Aug 10, 2011, 3:36 AM by Travis S
As previously noted, A wireless communications company has contacted the FRRA
about leasing currently unused space on the field near the FRRA tennis courts
for a 10' x 20' single-story shelter for communications equipment as well as
place an antenna on an existing Dominion Vepco power line pole. The company
would pay the FRRA a monthly fee for the leased space. The FRRA Board is
currently engaged in lease negotiations to maximize benefit to the Association
while minimizing risk of disruption to nearby residents.

There has been no final decision on whether or not to approve the proposal, and
the FRRA Board would like your feedback prior to doing so. We will hold a town
hall-style special meeting at 7pm on Wednesday, August 10th in the FRRA
Clubhouse. We have invited a representative from the wireless communications
company to the August special meeting so he/she should be able to answer
specific questions regarding the proposal as well as provide current layouts of
the proposed structure.

The following questions have already been relayed to the communications company
and we are either awaiting responses or negotiating factors related to the
installation and maintenance of the equipment:

· Will there be any power disruptions associated with the installation of the

· What is the potential for interference with personal electronics such as
wireless routers, cell phones, or satellite dishes? Is there a way to test for
interference before entering agreement?

· What is the potential health impact? Can you provide any independent or
government studies which have explored this issue?

· What is the anticipated frequency and time (day/evening/night) of visits for
maintenance given 24/hr access? What type of equipment will be used for
installation and maintenance (heavy equipment, Light trucks, etc…)?

· When would facility installation/construction begin and be completed?

· How would equipment arrive on site?

If you have any additional suggestions or questions that may require some
research or preparation, please feel free to email FRRA Property Manager Brian